Coyote Software is completely scalable.

Coyote POS and Back office Management Software will grow with your business. Some applications require you to outlay for the package you’ll think you’ll need to implement, based only on forecasting and projections.

What if your plans change, openings delayed, or opportunities are brought forward, can you add Outlets as you go?


With Coyote Software you can!

We have clients that are a single corner convenience that operate as a standalone database. These small operators get instant Sales Reports, can add new staff, reduce or increase their staffs access, create new Products, generate orders instantly, get instant financials and KPI reports. What an advantage they have over their competitors.



Alternatively, one of Queensland’s and New South Wales largest Convenience retailers in Nightowl, with over 75 outlets across the both states, are use Coyote Software for their Point of Sale, Back Office functions, Reporting, Ordering, Stock Control, Cashier Access, Security and Management, all from one central database. As they grow & add new Outlets, we add the Outlet. It really is that simple. You are not paying for something you don’t need, or even don’t have!


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