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About Us

Coyote Software Pty Ltd is a Developer and Supplier of high quality and well-supported systems.  It is an Australian based Software Company with an in-house programming staff, specialising in Retail POS Software designed for the Multi-store Retail and Franchise industry.

Coyote Software Pty Ltd began operations in 2011 with the first major installations of the CoyoteBOSS Server Program and over one hundred and twenty CoyotePOS Registers into the Night Owl Convenience Store Chain occurring in late 2011 and early 2012.

As a leading supplier of POS Retail Systems, Coyote gives stores the facilities to better serve their customers and grow profitably through the implementation of outstanding but simple to use Registers and Computer Programs. We take pride in delivering retail software solutions that are reliable, affordable and offer long term flexible options to the end user.  

With a strong support team providing Database Assistance, On-line or Telephone back up Support and Network IT Expertise, Coyote Software is well positioned to provide the products, services and support necessary to contribute to the success of the modern Retailer for today and well into the future.

COYOTE SOFTWARE is a solutions provider.   Coyote Proposals are prepared with your business success in mind. Either as a complete solution of Computer Hardware, Software solutions and Scanning systems, or as a module to complement a larger operation, our submission considers your total needs.

Coyote Software has a strong ongoing commitment to Research and Development. A strong desire to lead from the front ensures that new developments in retail technology will be available when required.

The success of Retail Outlets depends largely on their ability to respond quickly to change and stay ahead of the competition. The leaders over the coming years will be the businesses with the foresight and willingness to truly embrace the new systems and methodologies on offer. Coyote Software is confident that with their solutions and support, your business can achieve the success it strives for.