Coyote Software are experts in Point of Sale Software. With Coyote Software you are “almost” unlimited on how many Clients or Registers you can add. We have a client where over 140 registers are linked to a Common Database, and that client has plans for an additional 20 Registers all over Queensland, this year!

Another fantastic advantage of Coyote POS is, the client or Register is not dependant on the Internet to operate. Meaning, Promos Product & Pricing will work, “off line”. Sales data will be stored, then transmitted once connectivity is re-established. For example, in Storms & Blackouts or times of Internet outages. We can offer you recommendations and advice on EFTPOS offerings that also will operate even if the ADSL or phone lines aren’t available. You can be assured of a robust, POS platform that will outperform your expectations.

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Stock Management

Coyote gives you direct global access to multiple POS and multiple sites with full inventory control. See daily movements of stock sold, wasted or transferred. Automated Electronic ordering, investment buying and stock updating are all available.



Coyote has reports suitable for single store operators as well as integrated reporting for multiple sites that allow you to benchmark against each other, simply and quickly. All reports are exportable to excel, as well as having the availability to measure changes in sales and sales mix over time.

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Real Time Access to Data

What does this mean?

It means, if you choose Coyote Software “Hosted” configuration, you have access to Sales Data, instantly, as soon as the Transaction happens in Store, it is available instantly. You can check Stock, make changes to Promotions, Keypads and even Staff Access, all possible, anywhere, anytime, all you need is Internet Access for your laptop. This is referred to by some as, “The Cloud”.

Our Data Centre is in Australia, NOT overseas, like some other Software and Cloud organisations and suppliers. Your data is secure in our dedicated Data Centre and meets the strictest Industry guidelines.

Of course you can option Coyote POS as a “Standalone” install. For further information, please get in touch with us today!


Small to Large Application

Coyote Software is completely scalable.

This means, Coyote POS and Back office Management Software will grow with your business. Some applications require you to outlay for the package you’ll think you’ll need to implement, based only on forecasting and projections. What if your plans change, openings delayed, or opportunities are brought forward, can you add Outlets as you go?

With Coyote Software you can!

We have clients that are a single corner convenience that operate as a standalone database. These small operators get instant Sales Reports, can add new staff, reduce or increase their staffs access, create new Products, generate orders instantly, get instant financials and KPI reports. What an advantage they have over their competitors.

Alternatively, one of Queenslands and New South Wales largest Convenience retailers in Nightowl, with over 75 outlets across the both states, are utilising Coyote Software. As they grow & add new Outlets, we add the Outlet. It really is that simple. You are not paying for something you don’t need, or even don’t have!

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TYSSO Hardware

All in one POS systems including scanners, touch interfaces and more.

TYSSO Cash Registers & Hardware - Coyote Software



Back Office Management

  • Every transaction recorded and reported in detail
  • Shifts accumulate until you are ready to check
  • Pump and tank reconciliations
  • Customer statements can be emailed, faxed or printed
  • Supplier remittance advice printed with payment
  • SIRA Export
  • Full General ledger and financials
  • BAS Reporting

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Other Services

  • Microsoft Trained Technicians
  • Network configuration
  • Security Applications
  • POS Hardware specialists
  • TYSSO Hardware agent in Queensland


Trusted by over seventy NightOwl
stores in Queensland alone.

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