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How many stores are in your group?

Average weekly turnover per store?

What is your average gross profit margin?

Purchasing time each week per store?

Customers each week per store?

Saving on inventory cost by reducing wastage and dead stock


% Improvement
Increased patronage because you have less out of stocks


% Improvement
Optimised promotions - knowing what sells what


% Optismisation
Saved time purchasing


% Savings
Loyalty/Mobile application systems


% Increase

Per Year $374,112

Increased Annual Inventory

Per Year $374,112

Repeat business sales

Per Year $374,112

Annual Advertising Savings

Per Year $374,112

Annual Labour Savings in Purchasing

Per Year $374,112

Increased Loyalty

Total Annual Benefit $1,001,436

Note: the projected results are speculative and should not be relied on as a guarantee.

Tom, Manager

BP Nightowl Southport

Coyote have been excellent, their Software is reliable and solid, they are really approachable in support,
plus their Industry contacts have really got us out of a couple of Jams, they have delivered when we really needed them to.

Victor & Elsie Raymond

Chevron 7 Day Express Foodstore

We changed our Convenience System over to Coyote Software in 2014 and have been very happy with how it all came together. We had our old System for over ten years, so we were a little daunted by the prospect of a new system. Richard & Scott made the whole process simple and


Rochedale General Store

I was very experienced with a competitor Stock and POS System, so when I went with Coyote I was in for a learning experience! The Software is easy to adapt to, the Coyote Support guys are really helpful, all in all very satisfied with my decision to go with Coyote Software.

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